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Model Khosi

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Model Khosi
The handmade ladies sandals and slippers from the popular brand Mrchlabel are a real trend. Don't miss out on these comfortable sandals in your shoe collection. The Khosi model is one of the eleven models that Mrchlabel exclusively markets. With the Khosi model, the soft straps are finished with a Leopard print and the white models with a Dalmatian print. The Khosi model is newly developed.... Are you still looking for the sun in the near future? Then the sandals and slippers from Mrchlabel are your ideal companions.
The Khosi strap feels soft on the bottom of the foot, just like the comfortable footbed, very nice to wear. Many of our customers have different models of slippers from the Mrchlabel sandals in their collection so that the right sandals are ready for different days and occasions. The soles of Mrchl abel slippers are made of lightweight TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber), which means that these soles are ultimately recyclable.
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