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Springbok Fienn

Springbok Fienn

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The Springbok Ice White Fienn is a bag that really stands out! It is deep, open-topped bag that has a long strap that connects on either side of the bag and is adjustable with a buckle, several holes on either side and loops to keep the strap close the bag.

The front of the bag has a large swath of springbok hide and a panel of ice white leather. There is a buckle with a gold Hennessey and ice white tassel that clasps the bag inward in a slightly folded fashion that gives this purse a unique shape.

The back is gold Hennessey leather in two panels. The fabric lined interior has a zippered pocket as well as two open, leather edged pockets on the opposite side.

The combination of the gold Hennessey and ice white really makes all the shades of the springbok hide ‘pop’!

This is one of those purses that will be remarked upon everywhere you carry it!

This bag also available with Desert Leather for a more subtle look.

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